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Fort Chiswell Animal Park

Located just off Interstates I-81 / I-77 at Exit 80, Max Meadows, 24360, VA
Fort Chiswell Animal Park
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About The Park
Fort Chiswell Animal Park was established August 13, 2004. Located just off I-77 and I-81 in southwest Virginia the park is a 45 acre facility privately owned and operated. We are funded by admission fees, gift shop and snack bar purchases, animal adoption fees and donations. Our main objectives are animal conservation and education. It is rewarding to see guests of all ages learning about these animals as they interact with them. It's both a fun and educational experience--one the whole family will enjoy!

Ft. Chiswell Animal Park
The park is divided into two main areas--the Petting Zoo and the Outback. Your armband gives you all-day access to the entire zoo.

The Petting Zoo
Our petting zoo and display area is a delight for all ages. We have African Crowned Cranes, Bennett's Wallabies, and much more. The pygmy goats are always hungry and enjoy a snack of 'zoo chow'. Cocoa and Cindy are the all-time favorites. They're two capuchin monkeys that love to show off. Guests often enjoy throwing them peanuts and hearing them chatter with delight. Smart and funny, these guys will entertain you for hours if you let them.

The Outback
The Outback is comprised of 35 acres and can only be accessed by guided tours. Buses depart hourly, beginning at 11am, and continue throughout the day with the last tour leaving one hour before the park closes. On your outback adventure you will meet everything from eland, to water buffalo, wildebeest, emus and zebras. Our ostrich, Harriet, sticks her long neck through the window in search of a cup of 'zoo chow'. We also have an American bison named Cody that weighs over 2000 lbs., but don't let him fool you, he can run up to 35 miles per hour and enjoys running with the bus. Humphrey is usually the favorite of the Outback. He's our dromedary camel and he doesn't know a stranger. He'll put his head right through the window and empty your feed cup. But he's so sweet it's hard to turn him down. If you want to take a safari vacation close to home, Fort Chiswell Animal Park is the place to be!

The Outback Welcome Center and Gift Shop
The Outback Welcome Center and Gift Shop is filled with zoo-themed items and local crafts. That 'empty feeling' can be satisfied at the 'Snack Shack' where we have popcorn, snow cones, peanuts, and a variety of beverages. Or feel free to bring your own lunch as picnic tables are provided for guests outside of the entrance across from the parking area, please no outside food of drink inside the zoo. Guest restrooms can be found in the petting zoo area.

In-School Education Program
Because Fort Chiswell Animal Park is dedicated to animal conservation and education we offer an in-school program that provides a hands-on learning experience for children in the classroom. Directed to be age appropriate, our program meets several guidelines of Virginia's Standards of Learning. We'll bring the animals to you, so contact us for more information.
If you enjoy interaction with animals in an up-close and personal way, come to Fort Chiswell Animal Park. It's a wild adventure you will love!

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