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Pleasant Hill Farms Field of Flowers

310 Roam Road, Max Meadows, 24360, Virginia
Pleasant Hill Farms Field of Flowers
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Welcome to Pleasant Hill Farm!
We operate several home-based businesses from our home at Pleasant Hill Farm. Our farm is located in eastern Wythe County, in beautiful Southwest Virginia. The land in this part of Virginia features mountains, hills and rolling farm land. Our farm has spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. For the 2008 season, we have added several new offerings at Pleasant Hill Farm.

Field of Flowers
In the Summer of 2005, we opened a cut your own flowers business on our farm. In 2006 we made several major improvements to our flowers, expanding the number and size of the flower beds from 15 to 47, added a flower and farm themed gift shop and a large gazebo overlooking the flowers and our fish pond. For 2008, we will have over 50 flower beds and several new varieties of flowers.

Garden Weddings
Plan one of your most special life events at Pleasant Hill Farm. We now have a Bride's House for your final dressing and makeup. We have also added five rose trellises to form a Brides Walk. Facing the Bride's Walk are built in benches that will easily seat at least 40 guests. Visit our Garden Weddings page for more information. We also offer the release of white doves for your wedding. The release of white Doves at your wedding will be a special highlight of one of your most special life events. The Doves symbolize the joining of your two lives, united in love. The release and flight of the Doves will provide an unforgettable memory for you and your guests.

Garden Teas
Join us for a Garden Tea at Pleasant Hill Farm. We will be offering Teas each day that we are open. Regularly scheduled each day we are open at 10:00 A.M. as well as at 2:00 and 4:00 P.M., the teas will be held on our large pergola-covered deck off the side of the Bride's House.

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